Frequently Asked Questions
Our site has no withdrawal requirements, not like OPSkins. On OPSkins you need atleast 250$ in Bitcoin to withdraw, while you can cashout everything from 1$ and above on our site. We offer multiple cashout options like Ethereum and Litecoin but we will add more currencies soon.

After you accepted the trade you will get your money instantly, without a needed verification or waiting time. We payout almost the same as OPSkins instant sell, at the moment around 2-5% less.
We try to keep our fees as low as possible. If you are using our service you will get paid 95% for items like on opskins, the only fee you need to pay is the standard transaction fee, but it is most of the times under 0.15$.
We use the same exchange rates like OPSkins does, thats why sometimes our bitcoin price is higher than usual. If opskins exchange rate is dropping, ours is dropping too.
We can payout as much as we have on our bots, we try to keep that amount always as high as possible, if we do not have enough money we will not even accept your offer!